A Criminal Attorney Will Help You Achieve A Better Outcome

Relying on a public defender or self-representation could result in a poor outcome to a criminal case. Individuals don’t have the legal knowledge or experience that is needed to defend themselves in the criminal court and a public defender is paid by the same entity that’s paying the prosecutor. When an accused individual hires a criminal attorney, they can feel confident their rights are being protected and every possible defense will be explored. Public defenders will often try to get an accused individual to plea bargain because their caseload is so large and they want to close the case.

A Misdemeanor

A misdemeanor may not seem like a big deal compared to a felony, but it can have long lasting ramifications on an individual’s life. There are still fines, possible jail time, and other penalties that can be just as devastating. In addition, a misdemeanor will show up on any criminal background check in the future.

How Much Will A Criminal Attorney Cost?

The fees will vary depending on the complexity of the case. A criminal defense attorney offers a free consultation so the accused individual can learn more about their rights and determine the best way to fight the charges.


Alcohol offenses like a DUI or a DWI should be aggressively fought against. An individual could lose the freedom to drive a car, which will limit their ability to remain employed. Penalties increase for each subsequent offense and a conviction will mean higher insurance premiums in the future.

Other Crimes An Attorney Should Be Hired For Representation

An experienced criminal defense attorney will have experience representing clients who have been charged with shoplifting, firearms, embezzlement, manslaughter, drug charges, conspiracy, bad checks, murder, sex crimes, animal cruelty, violence and much more. A criminal charge is very serious, and an attorney should be contacted immediately.

A criminal lawyer will give you the respect, attention, and professionalism you need when fighting a criminal charge. They won’t judge you and will work diligently to protect your freedom and your future. They will fight the case in court when it’s necessary or attempt to negotiate a plea deal based on the evidence. For more information, please visit http://www.tulsacriminalattorney.pro/.